Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Let's travel!

Let's travel!

Let's travel,
Up to the mountains,
Till we reach the sky.
Deep down in the ocean, 
Explore the ruins and sigh. 

Let's travel,
Far in the forest, 
Enjoy a stay with life so wild, 
Under the roof of stars, bed of grass,
Only peace in mind.

Let's travel,
Get mesmerized by hot desert,
Look in the cold, for the ice castle,
Get lost in the sand and snow,
Different colors the weathers show.

Let's travel,
And trek on that trodden road,
Less traveled and lesser known!

Let's travel,
To where nature sings a magical lullaby,
Where butterflies fill your heart with joy,
Smell of earth lifts all your fears,
Rain takes away all your tears.

Let's travel to a place,
Far away from all the hassle… 
A place so far, yet so near! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Idea

The idea is to touch you, tenderly.
The idea is to feel you, closely.
The idea is to hold you, tightly.
The idea is to caress you, gently.
The idea is to kiss you passionately.
The idea is to love you, unconditionally.
The idea is to be with you,
Today, tomorrow, eternally!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Standing in front of this cross road,
Should I go right?
Or, should I go left?
I don’t want to go far..
I don’t want to feel short steps!

Nothing is making sense,
And nothing makes any difference!
Taking decision was never my virtue,
Relying on you is the only thing I can do.

My destination is YOU,
And that’s all I care about.
You will always be there for me,
 I have no doubt!
So I will wait for you,
And for you to come around.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Life is what?
A topsy-turvy ride!
Sometimes you get along,
Sometimes you try to fight!

A sea in which you would..
love to get drown!
A wave of emotions with the power,
to turn your life upside down!

All you need to do,
is to search for that one tiny log,
With which you can cross an ocean, a river,
Or may survive a storm!

You just need to hold on and try,
Everybody knows,
Life is what?
a topsy-turvy ride!